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She creates the first panties box with "Mademoiselle culottée"

"Young woman from Lille, passionate about lingerie, Élise Wauters created the first lingerie box, specializing in panties." Mademoiselle Culottée "thus offers to receive every two months a pretty panties in the mailbox and small surprises . "

"Want to fall for the special Lille limited box?"

Lille by Mat '- Sacred Lilloise

Do you like surprises and do you like pretty panties? So this concept can only please you! This concept is that of Mademoiselle Culottée, imagined by a Lille native, who offers you to receive pretty little panties in your mailbox every two months, accompanied by pretty surprises! Elise, the designer, has thought of everything so that this box adapts to who you are! Indeed, you choose the box according to your personality: rather epicurean, loafer or scandalous, it is up to you to choose to receive the style of panties that suits you.

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"I like the concept a lot"


Hello everyone, today we find ourselves with a review on the Mademoiselle Culottée box for the month of June. Being a fan of pretty lingerie, I must tell you that I really like the concept. "Living on love and panties"

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"I made a discovery!"

Lesdouceursdepooky - Lifestyle

Hello everyone! Yes, I discovered the "Mademoiselle Culottée" box, which actually lives up to its name, because you have to be cheeky to offer this kind of box, but at the same time we offer it well for tights so why not for the panties? Anyway, I love it!

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"What if the well-being went through her panties?"

Du temps pour moi - the fitness & well-being blog

Every woman needs to feel good in her body and in her head, she wants to be desirable, wanted and loved. But for some of us it can be complicated so let's start from the beginning and talk about panties !! And yes, I am convinced that the well-being of oneself passes above all by its underwear. A woman who has nice underwear will feel better about her body. This article has nothing sexual, I reassure you ... although it could become so later, you never know :-p

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"Mademoiselle Culottée dresses our little buttocks ..."

Mary B. - Fashion, Food, Travel ...

There were already beauty boxes, food boxes, boxes for animals, travel boxes… But there was not yet a box dedicated to panties! The principle is the same as for the boxes that you already know, a subscription and every two months a surprise in your letterbox ...

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"Mademoiselle Culottée - talent to discover"

Ginette in the sky - Ideas and inspirations to party

Cuckoo pretty Ginette: future bride, lover, overwhelmed mother. From time to time, we want to be spoiled for our bachelorette party, our wedding, a birthday, the birth of a baby ... We dream of bringing out the femme fatale, mysterious, sensual that lies dormant in us. I found you a great concept ...

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"I found the box you need!"

Doux Carnet - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Hello my kittens, I recently received a very cute little box for Valentine's Day! We all know the principle of subscription Boxes, and there are all kinds of them: beauty, jewelry, gastronomy ... I found the box you need! A box of panties ...

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"Mademoiselle Culottée, the lingerie box according to your personality"

Chicon Choc - Blog of good addresses in Lille

For 2-3 years we have seen a plethora of subscription boxes on all themes: gastronomy, beauty, wine etc. And recently, Mademoiselle Culottée joined the lingerie box clan. And Elise, the designer, knew how to make the major flaw in the boxes a real strength: adapting to our personality. How? 'Or' What ? Come, I'll show you.

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